Budding Capital seeks to invest in companies in the hemp space from seed to sale. Budding Will provide business expertise and value to entrepreneurs by: handling: back office activities (accounting, Human Resources, legal, graphic design and marketing); business direction advise on the board level; and a coop for companies to do business amongst each other integrating an atmosphere for smaller companies to compete on the level of larger companies that are vertically integrated. Budding seeks to invest in a balanced approach seeking some investments that provides immediate income (such as funding grows and lab equipment), and others with a potential to go public or have other exits (like brands).Budding has a special emphasis in investing in green companies that will replace harmful products like plastics, paper, cotton and pharmaceuticals with safer non harmful hemp products.

Cannabis leaf, marijuana

We look to invest in the Cannabis-Marijuana space once the plant becomes federally legal.

Budding seeks partners in business, finance, genetics, compliance, grow, and sales and marketing to help each other succeed. The hemp space offers amazing opportunities for profit and opportunities in making a social impact but like any business has many ways to fail. By attracting an expert team we will limit our downside.