Budding Capital does not seek to acquire 100% of a Company. We look to partner with entrepreneurs who have a passion for the plant and what they do.We do look for strategic Opportunities to acquire companies to merge with our existing partner companies.

It is our business model to assist in the management of our partner companies. We supply access to a wide range of expertise.This support is happily received by most entrepreneurs. This allows you to focus on your passion instead of mundane and tedious business chores.

We invest vertically in the hemp business from seed to sale. If you are involved in genetics, growing,cultivating, extracting or selling hemp related products, or provide products or services To the industry we would like to talk to you.

While legal in numerous states either for medical or recreational use, cannabis is still on the list as a schedule 1 drug. There are serious tax disadvantages with “cannabis plant touching” businesses. Additionally there are potential criminal implications in “cannabis touching” businesses.

We believe Cannabis will be taken off the schedule 1 list soon. When it does, we are anxious to invest.

Hemp became legal in all US States with the farm bill of 2018.

Investing in any starting or small business involves great Risk. Budding Capital seeks to minimize that risk by:

- Spreading risk among many companies

- Attracting an expert management and advisory team to choose investments and assist in management.

- Create a market for the products and services giving the benefits of larger vertically integrated businesses.